Vacuum Technology Realizes in everyday life

"Really? Even these"

You might be surprised to know how many different products use vacuum technology.It’s used for everyday items like food,razors, and smartphone,as well as in advanced fields like biotechnology and aerospace. ULVAC Continues to seek out the potential of vacuum technology and discover many innovations. Vacuum Technology is the key to the future development of science and industry. We continue to challenge ourselves to generate new value and enrich our life.

about us

ULVAC has operated under the corporate philosophy of aiming at contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies and has been blessed with wonderful support from customers in electronics and many other industries, particularly the vacuum industry.

ULVAC wishes to continue to be an organization that constantly produces advanced technologies by making the most of its advantages as a comprehensive vacuum manufacturer and that is sought after by customers in all related industries throughout the world.

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