EGN series is the easy maintenance electron beam evaporation source for metal evaporation which has flat top configuration without any structural object on the evaporating side of the metal material newly developed in consideration of maintainability.


  • Flat Top Structure :
    Easy cleaning because of less coated areas on the evaporation source of electron beam.
  • Easy assembly by reducing parts to 60% comparing with conventional unit.
  • Water-cooling Structure for Entire Crucible Side Surface:
    Less contamination from crucible to ebaporation material compared with the one with only bottom side cooling.
  • Most suitable beam form is selectable, either ribbon form for metal evaporation or spot beam form for oxide and compound evaporation.
  • Design based on long time experience as the vacuum process equipment manufacturer.
  • Two Locating Faces Configuration:
    All parts to be removed and installed during maintenance are fixed by two locating faces.


  • Evaporation source for electron beam evaporation


Model EGN-206M EGN-406M
Deflection angle 270° 270°
Quantity of crucibles 6 6
Crucible capacity 20cc 40cc
Cooling-water flow rate 10L/min 10L/min
Dimensions W×D×H 267mm×343mm×150mm 267mm×343mm×150mm
Weight 28kg 28kg