The HELIOT900 is our helium leak detector with; high speed pumping capability, user-friendly operation and guaranteed top performance in all kinds of leak testing situations.



  • High speed pumping capability:
    5L/s pumping speed for helium IN ULTRA flow mode.
  • Tablet type controller:
    Wireless remote control is standard specification.
  • Intuitive operation:
    Simple with high-definition and eye-friendly test screen.
  • Various backing pumps available:
    Oil rotary vane and dry scroll pumps in different sizes.
  • Mobile-friendly with maneuverable cart (HELIOT904_):
    Low height type is also available (HELIOT901_).
  • Ease of maintenance:
    Tool-free removal maintenance panel, easy internal access for maintenance and maintenance instructions built in.
  • Possible to detect hydrogen as well as helium gas by vacuum method.


  • Piping assemblies and separate parts.
  • Vacuum components and systems.
  • Automotive parts, air conditioning, heat exchanger parts and assemblies.
  • Packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Flow and permeation rate measurement of helium and hydrogen.


901W1 901D2 904W2 904D3 904D4
Type Base type Mobile type
Detectable gas 4He, 2H2
Minimum detectable leak rate
Leak rate display range
4He 0.01E-12~E-3
2H2 0.01E-8~E-5
Inlet pumping speed for(4He)[L/sec] 5
Max. connecting pressure[Pa] <1200 Pa
Main pump Pumping peed[L/sec] Turbo molecular pump:31 L/sec
Fore pump:
Pumping speed(50Hz/60Hz)[L/min]
Oil rotary pump:
Dry scroll pump:
Oil rotary pump:
Dry scroll pump:
Dry scroll pump:
Weight [kg] (including floor cart)) Approx. 33(Approx. 46) Approx. 37(Approx. 50) Approx. 79 Approx. 74 Approx. 96
Power consumption[VA] 600 500 1100 650 1150
Input power supply[V] 100-120 or 200-240
Inlet port flange NW25(ISO)
Startup time[min] <2
External interface RS232C, RS485, analog DC, digital I/O.
Language English,Japanese,Korean,Simple Chinese,Traditional Chinese,German,Spanish,Russian
Controller unit 7inch tablet type (wireless standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) (*1)
Operation range Wired Cable length : 2m (standard), 5m (optional)
Wireless 40m(*2)
Battery lasting time[hr] 3-5(*3)
Applicable standard CE, IP30 CE

*1 Applicable radio law. Tablet: Telec, CE, FCC. Main unit: Telec, CE, FCC, IC, C-TICK. “Wired operation spec” that doesn’t emit radio waves is also available (tablet controller has wireless radio on/off function).
*2 May change depending on operating environment.
*3 May change depending on communication condition, brightness, volume, etc.

[Sniffer Method]

Sniffer Method
Detectable gas 4He
Minimum leak rate display range[Pa・m3/sec] 0.01E-8~E-5 0.01E-7~E-3
Flow rate[SLM] <0.03 Approx. 3
Sniffing inlet port Handyprobe Φ6mm tube fitting
Tube[m] 1-10 (*1)

*1 Specified length per 1m.