AxTRAN is a hot cathode type ionization vacuum gauge with a Bessel Box type energy filter installed between the ion source and the ion collector. This design provides a measurement resolution of 0.5×10-10Pa by reducing the residual current due to soft X-rays and electron stimulated desorption (ESD) ions.


  • Measures ultra high vacuum to extreme high vacuum
  • Bessel Box type energy filter:
    Reduce soft x-ray and residual current such as ESD ion
  • Measures a wide pressure range (1 x 10-2 to 0.5 x 10-10Pa)
  • Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output (psudo-log output) / 1V linear output within each digit
  • 2 set points output
  • Digital output(BCD) and serial communication(RS232C) : (option)


  • For total pressure measurement of vacuum equipment such as a high-energy accelerators.
  • For pressure measurement of ultra high or extreme high vacuum equipment used in UHV or XHV research work.
  • Conforms with CE


Model ISX2
Measurable pressure range 5×10-11 to 1×10-2 Pa (3.75×10-13 to 7.5×10-5 Torr, 5×10-13 to 1×10-4 mbar)
Measurement resolution 0.5×10-10 Pa (0.375×10-12 Torr, 0.5×10-12 mbar)
Display Digital indication, 3 digit mantissa, 2 digit exponent
DEGAS Electron stumilated desorption式
Measurement value output Linear output 0 to10 VDC
Pseudo-logarithmic output 0 to 10V (1V linear signal in each digit )
Set points 2 points
Operating temperature range 10 to 40?C (50 to 104?F)
Operating humidity range 15 to 80% (not condensing)
Power supply voltage AC85 to 240V
External dimensions W×D×H 240mm×350mm×99mm
Weight 5.3kg
Standard accessories AC100V (3P plug with ground) power cable, Manual
Option Sensor: X-11
Sensor cable: 5, 10, 20m
BCD output, RS232C/485


Compatible sensor head X-11
Energy filter Bessel-Box type
Filament Ir・Y2O3×2
Mount flange UFC-070
Max. baking temperature 300℃ (572?F) without sensor cable