The CCMT-D series is a capacitance manometer, which detects static electric capacitance occurring when a barrier membrane made of ceramic (alumina) is deformed by changes in gas pressure.


  • Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor
  • Exellent long term signal stability
  • Whole pressure measurement that does not depend on the gas types is possible
  • Shorten the warm-up Time
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sensor protected against contamination
  • Push button zero point adjustment
  • Accurate linear output (DC 0 to 10V)
  • Wide range voltage power supply (DC14 to 30V)


  • Vacuum melting or vacuum heat treatment
  • Thin films deposition system
  • Pressure reduction furnaces
  • Gas exchange or gas sealing etc.
  • PV, FPD manufacturing equipment


Model CCMT-D
Range full scale CCMT-1000D 133kPa (1×103 Torr, 1.33×103 mbar) F.S.
CCMT-100D 13.3kPa (1×102 Torr, 1.33×102 mbar) F.S.
CCMT-10D 1.33kPa (10 Torr, 13.3 mbar) F.S.
CCMT-1D 133Pa (1 Torr, 1.33 mbar) F.S.
Resolution 0.003% of full scale
Accuracy *1 ±0.2%±temperature coefficient relative to display value (The value indicates accuracy zero point adjustment)
Temperature coefficient Zero voltage 0.005% F.S. /?C
Span voltage 0.01% R /?C
Operating temperature range 10 to 50?C (50 to 122?F)
Response rate 30ms or less
Material of gas contacting sections Al2O3、Vacon70 *2、SUS316 *3 , glass ceramics solder, Ag Ti Cu hard solder
Input power DC14~30V, 1W
Output DC 0 to 10V F.S.
weight 329g
Dimensions 55mm×117mm
Temperature compensation Internal temperature compensation circuit
Electrical connector D-sub 15-pin male (No.4-40, DNC screw)

*1:Non-linearity,hysteresis,repeatability at 25?C (77?C) ambient operating temperature without tenperature effects after 2 hours operation
*2:18% Cr, 10% Ni, 3% Mo, 69% Fe
*3:28% Ni, 23% Co, 49% Fe


This is a controller for the ceramic capacitance manometers CCMT-D series.


  • 4.5-digit display (GM-2000)
  • Power supply voltage of 100 VAC/24 VDC can be selected (GM-2000)
  • RS485 communication function (ISG1)
  • Compact, space-saving


  • Pressure monitors for deposition system processes
  • Pressure monitors for evacuation systems such as vacuum melting and vacuum heat treatment furnaces
  • Wide range of other vacuum application systems

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CCMT-D Series