This single channel vacuum gauge display is compatible with all G-TRAN series and CCM series sensors. Enables users to view system status at a glance.


  • Compatible with all G-Tran series, and capacitance manometer CCM series
  • Control output signal:3 set- point output
  • Operates in DC 24V power input (100V AC to 240V AC optional AC adapter)
  • Output signal:Linear 0 to10V
  • Serial communication type:RS485 communication is standard
  • High visibility LED
  • Compatible with DIN standards (compact in size of 48 X 96 mm)
  • CE compliant


  • Vacuum systems (photovoltaic feld, FPD, semiconductor and optics)
  • Systems which require many set points


Model ISG1
Connectable sensor units 1 unit
Compatible sensor unit G-TRAN Series

Atmospheric range pirani gauge SW1 Pirani gauge SP1 / BPR2 Hot cathode gauge BMR2 Cold cathode gauge SC1 Multi ionization gauge SH2 Ceramic capacitance manometer CCMT-D

Display Significand: 2 digit, Exponent: 1 digit digital □.□×10□
Scale Pa
Range Depends on each sensor unit's pressure range
Update time 200ms
Accuracy ±2%±1 digit respect to pressure value from measurement unit (CCM series:±4% digit at below 1/10 of full scale)
Data output DC 0 to 10V simulatied Log output, Log, linear output *Note: Output differs among each unit
Update time 70ms
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±10mV respect to pressure value converted to voltage
Sampling time 70ms running average in 5 times
Control input signal Open collector input, negative logic
Filament lighting signal, Atmosphere pressure adjustment etc.
Set point 1, 2, 3
Control output signal Open collector output, Negative logic [[rating: 30VMAX、50mAWAX、70mW]
Error signal, Filament lighting signal etc.
Set point 1, 2, 3
Serial communication type RS-485
LED display ERROR SET-1
Power voltage DC24V±1V Ripple, noise less than 1%
Current consumption 2W (Display unit only) *other connected unit's consumption will be added
Input/output connector Sensor connector: D-sub15-socket (M2.6 screw)
I/O connector: D-sub15-pin (M2.6 screw)
Power supply connector: PHOENIX: MSTB 2, 5/3-STF, 08
Operating temperature range 10 to 40?C (50 to 104?F)
Operating humidity range 15 to 80% (not condensing)
Weight 250g
Dimension W×D×H DIN 48mm×70mm×96mm (JIS rack size 50mm×70mm×100mm is also available)
Accessories Power supply connector: PHOENIX: MSTB 2, 5/3-STF-5, 08 1pc
DIN panel fixture: Fixture brackets 2pc
Instruction manual: Standard paper 1pc
Option Sensor connectors: D-sub15-pin (M2.6 screw) 1pc
I/O connector: D-sub15-socket (M2.6 screw) 1pc
Applicable standard CE