This is a wide range pirani vaccum gauge which measures from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa. In addition, this gauge removes control and display panels from traditional controllers, keeping the minimum necessary functions only, thus saving cost and space.


  • Measures from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa.
  • Combined sensor and controller, thus reducing cables, saving space and energy.
  • Operates with DC 24V input
  • Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output
  • LED Error verification for better visibility
  • Atmospheric pressure adjustment and zero point adjustment can be done in one-touch.
  • Sensor unit can be replaced easily.
  • 2 set points output (SW1-1)
  • RS232C/RS485 communication (only SW1-2)
  • Conforms with CE


  • Process control in low vacuum processes such as for semiconductor, optics and electronic parts manufacturing systems.
  • Process control in low vacuum range processes for industrial equipment such as vacuum furnaces, etc.
  • Process control for low vacuum system, which requires multiple process chambers, such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment.


Model SW1-1 SW1-2
Connectable sensor head 1 pc
Compatible sensor head SWP-16(NW16), SWP-25(NW25), SWP-R1/8(R1/8), SWP-P18(φ18), SWP-P15(φ15), SWP-CF16(ICF034), SWP-1S(ASME BPE sanitary 1")
Measurable pressure range 5.0×10-2 ~ 1.0×10+5 Pa(Pa(表示範囲:1.0×10-2 ~ 1.2×10+5Pa)
Accuracy* 1×10-1 Pa ~ 1×10+4 Pa : ±10%
5.0×10-2 ~ 1.0×10-1 Pa, 1×10+4 Pa ~ 1×10+5 Pa : ±20%
Repeatability 1×10-1 Pa ~ 1×10+4 Pa : ±2%
Sampling time 50ms 5回の移動平均処理
Value output Output voltage DC 0 to 10V
Pressure indication (Log) 1.7V to 8.0V 1V/decade
(Update time) 50ms
Control input signal Open collector input, Negative logic -
ADJ Adjustment (ZERO point, atmosphere adjust) -
Control output signal Open collector output, negative logic [rating: 30VMAX, 50mAMAX, 70mW] -
Error signal -
Set point 1, 2 -
Monitor for setpoint Set point 1, 2: 0 to 10V Log output -
Serial communication type - RS232C/RS485
LED display POWER/ERROR: Power error LED
SET-1: Set point 1LED -
SET-2: Set point 2LED -
Materal of filament Pt
Operating temperature range 10 ~ 40℃
Operating humidity range 15 ~ 80% (Not condensing)
IP rating IP30 (Sensor unit)
Fixing position Free
Power supply voltage DC18V ~ 30V, 2W (4.8W w/power input)
Input/output connector D-sub 15-pin (M2.6mm screw) - side sensor unit
Weight 150g (with SWP-16)
Dimension (Power supply) W×D×H 70mm×46mm×28mm
Standard accessories Quick manual
Option Input/output conector (D-sub 15-socket (M2.6mm screw)), Inspection result data sheet, General calibration test report, JCSS caribration certificate
Applicable standard CE