The PMB series Ver. D is a wide use mechanical booster pump with multiple voltage motor (high efficiency). It is possible to run with air-cooled depending on use condition. And surface treatment and atmospheric operation type are selectable as option.


  • Possible to run with air-cooled depending on use condition. Continuous operation under 200Pa. Pumping time to reach 200Pa needs to be within 10 minutes.
  • Possible to select multiple voltage motor (either 200V class or multiple voltage) Compatible with universal motor and optional explosion proof motor can be equipped. Compatible with high efficiency regulation (IE2/GB3/EPAct).
  • Excellent corrosion resistance surface treatment (Optional: T type) High surface hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. The surfaces of all main parts have undergone anodic oxide coating to provide excellent corrosion resistance and surface rigidity. This can restrain scratch and corrosion inside of the pump.
  • Atmospheric pressure start type effective for pumping time shortening (option: inverter) Because the pump can start at the same time of roughing pump, pumping time can be shorter comparing with standard type.
  • International standard for western market (Compliant with CE and cTUVus)


  • Evaporation, sputtering, ion plating
  • Vacuum drying, freeze drying, vacuum degassing,Analytical instruments, leak test system
  • Gas exchange, filling, vacuum insulating,Heat treatment, melting furnace
  • Other various kinds of vacuum system


Model PMB100D PMB300D PMB600D PMB1200D PMB2400D
Maximum pumping speed
50Hz m3/h 95 280 500 1000 2500/2000
L/min 1580 4670 8330 16667 41667/33330
60Hz m3/h 115 330 600 1200 3100/2400
L/min 1920 5500 10000 20000 51667/40000
Maximum suction pressure Pa 50Hz 9.3×103 1.2×103 1.3×103 2.0×103/8.0×102
60Hz 6.2×103 9.3×102 1.1×103 1.5×103/6.7×102
Maximum allowable differential pressure Pa 50Hz 8.0×103 4.0×103 7.3×103 3.5×103/4.7×103
60Hz 5.6×103 3.3×103 6.0×103 3.0×103/4.7×103
Ultimate Pressure Pa 4.0×10-1 6.7×10-1
Allowable drive pressure Pa ~1.0×105(atmospheric pressure start type)
Motor poleskW 0.4(2) 0.75(2) 2.2(2) 3.7(2) 7.5(2)
200V class V 50Hz 200
60Hz 200/220
Multiple voltage V 50Hz 220~240/380~415 200~240/380~415
60Hz 208~240/380~460 200~240/380~460
Oil capacity L 0.35 0.7 1.5 1.9 4.0
Cooling method Air-cooling Air-cooling/Water-cooling
Cooling water Primary side pressure MPa 0.3
Inlet/outlet differential pressure MPa 0.05
Volume L/min 2 3
Temprature ℃ 5~30
Inlet connection JIS-B-2290 VG50(optional) VG80(optional) VG100(optional) VG200(optional)
Outlet connection JIS-B-2290 VF50(optional) VF80(optional) VF200(optional)
Dimensions W×D×Hmm 267×576×180 321×685×260 362×784×320 417×970×340 520×1260×460
Weight  kg 26 51 82 115 260
Standard roughing pump VD401 VD601 VD901 VS2401 VS650/PKS-070
Applicable standard CE、cTUVus
Optional Surface treatment, adapter flange, explosion proof motor *9,atmospheric pressure start type (Inverter),lubrication oil, lubrication chamber evacuation,Horizontal exhaust direction type (PMB2400D only)
Atmospheric pressure start type Inverter specification/voltage I2,A2/200V~240V(50Hz/60Hz)