A variation of Qulee, adding new features in response to customer needs. By adding a differential pumping unit, the Qulee provides measurement and analysis capabilities for process management and residual gas analysis.


  • Excellent Cost Performance
    Provides gas analysis with an optional differentialpumping unit
  • Compact Design
    Utilizes standard vacuum unit model desktop YTP
  • Integrated Display Unit Design
    Provides visual data without need for a PC
  • Easy to Operate
    One-click function for easy operation, no complex procedures
  • Atmospheric Pressure Analysis
    Selectable maximum measurable pressures 3000Pa,500Pa,100Pa, 10Pa and 1Pa
    (22.5Torr, 3.75Torr, 0.75Torr, 7.5×10-2Torr and 7.5×10-3Torr/30mbar, 5mbar, 1mbar, 0.1mbar and 1.0×10-2mbar)
  • Select a Model Depending on your Application
    Select from the mass numbers 1 to 100 (BGM2-101/102), 1 to 200(BGM2-201/202), 1 to 300(HGM2-302)
  • Low noise
    43dB(A) or less at Ultimate pressure
  • Pressure indication
    Designed for easy integration of 2 vacuum gauges
  • Complete Leak Test Function
    Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up test
  • Qulee QCS Ver.4 (Ethernet compatible)
    Software included (Windows 7/8/10)


  • Various types of gas analysis for research and development
  • Gas monitoring of PVD system during processing
    Residual gas analysis in PVD system
  • Residual gas analysis for high vacuum pumping equipment, etc.


Qulee main body Select from Qulee BGM2-101/102/201/202, HGM2-302
Max sampling pressure Select from atmospheric pressure 3000Pa/500Pa/100Pa/10Pa/1Pa
Select from atmospheric pressure 22.5Torr/3.75Torr/0.75Torr/7.5×10⁻²Torr/7.5×10⁻³Torr
Select from atmospheric pressure 30mbar/5mbar/1mbar/0.1mbar/1.0×10⁻²mbar
Gas induction (500 to 1Pa type/3.75 to 7.5×10⁻³Torr type/5 to 1.0×10⁻²mbar type) Manual bellows valve・Flange ICF070
Atmospheric pressure type Please contact us for the detailed specification on separately.
Pump unit Desktop YTP


TMP Pumping speed 70L/s(N₂)
Dry pump Pumping speed 20L/min
Ultimate pressure Below 10⁻⁶Pa (7.5 × 10⁻⁹ Torr, 1.0 × 10⁻⁸ mbar) (value after TMP bale out)
Input voltage Single phase AC100 ~ 240V, 300W
Software Qulee QCS Ver.4.0 (Windows 7/8/10)
Optional accessories Ioniation gauge package (SH-1, Sensor head cable 2m,Cross tube,Bolts,Gaskets),Carry cart,USB-LAN adapter,Switching hub(8 ports or 16 ports)