Controller integrated turbo molecular pump with magnetic bearings saves wiring work and installation space.


  • Controller integrated with the pump body
    No wiring work between pump body and controller.
  • Free mounting direction
    Free mounting direction makes the system design flexible.
  • 5 models from 1000L/s to 4000L/s class.
  • Wide range and high flow for the light processes.
  • Pump rotation variable from 25% to 100%
    Enabling the pressure adjustment in a chamber.
  • High durability and safety
    Safety confirmation tests are passed, such as air
    rushing-in test and touch down test.


    • Main vacuum pumping system for equipment
      ・Semiconductor equipment
      ・Evaporator,Sputtering system
      ・Analytical equipment,Experimental device and etc.
    • Main vacuum pumping system for the light processes that do not generate side reaction products.
    • Replacement from oil diffusion pumps
    • General use for high vacuum evacuation system.


Model UTM1200A UTM1600A UTM2300A UTM3400A
Inlet port VG150
Outlet port KF40
Ultimate pressure(*1) Pa 10-7
Pumping speed (*2)(*3) N2 L/s 1030 1400 2100 3200
Ar L/s 980 1330 2000 3100
H2 L/s 660 750 1380 2100
Compression rate N2 2×108 ≧ 1×108 ≧ 1×109
He 7×103 5×103 1×105
H2 8×102 9×102 6×103
Max inlet pressure(*4) Pa 26 4.5 7
Max outlet pressure(*4) Pa 266 200 270
Rotation speed min-1 37200 33700 27600
Speed variation Speed is variable between 25% and 100% of the rated speed.( set as 0.1%)
Start-up time ≦ 8minutes ≦ 9minutes ≦ 16minutes
Mounting position In any desired direction
Surface treatment(*5) None
Commun ication Contact D-sub 25 pin female Contact input and output signal D-sub 37 pin female Contact input and output signal
Serial Serial connecter RS232C/RS485 D-sub 9 pin male RS232C/RS485
Controller Composition Pump with integrated controller
Input electric power Single phase AC200 〜240V ±10%( 50/60Hz ±2Hz)
Max power 0.75kVA 1.2kVA
Cooling method Water cooled
Cooling water(*6) Flow rate L/min 3~4
Pressure MPaG 0.2 ~ 0.4
Noise dB(A) 57 60
Weight kg 43 41 56 94
Recommended backing pump(*7) ≧ 600L/min ≧ 1500L/min
Applicable standard CE、TUVus
Standard accessories O-ring(Only VG)、Dust cap(Outlet port)、Remote-control Connector、Instruction manual(CD-ROM)
Select parts AC Cable AC Conector / AC Cable(5m/10m/15m/20m)
Special bolt for fixing pump M10(Non-RoHS / RoHS)/ M12(Non-RoHS / RoHS)
Special bolt for fixing pump Need(M10)(*8) Not Need(*8)
Option Gas purge adaptor (KF10)

*1:digit number is expressed.
*2:Without a protective net.
*3:Calculated values:UTM2300A and UTM3400A
*4:Max inlet pressure and Max outlet pressure cannot be satisfied at same time.
*5:Do not flow reactive gas and corrosive gas. Please contact us when using other gases.
*6:Not condensing
*7:When evacuating 30SCCM
*8:Grade of bolts,Fixing method and etc. are subject to various conditions. Please contact us for the detailed information.