Vacuum Furnace System COMBAT Series

Vacuum Furnace System

COMBAT series are used for various purpose such as quenching and brazing of various metals.Equipped with high pressure and large flow of inert gas cooling unit, it can be used for rapid quenching.The structure of water cooling jacket can efficient to shield the heat from the furnace and reduce the thermal pollution to the surrounding working environment.






  • Max Temp: 1,300 °C
  • Operation Temp: 300°C ~ 1,250°C
  • Temp.uniformity: 1,150°C ± 5°C
  • Suitable for rapid quenching process
  • Water cooling jacket structure is able to reduce the thermal pollution


  • Quenching and tempering process: Various Sintering Parts, moulds, etc.
  • Sintering process: Various Sintering Parts and Super Hard Tools, etc.
  • Brazing process: Heat exchangers, mechanical parts, aircraft parts, etc.