Vacuum Pump

The superior pumping performance of ULVAC's vacuum pumps has earned them an excellent reputation among many users worldwide.
Various ULVAC vacuum pumps are shown based on operating pressure range. (Operating pressure range varies depending on the model.)

Dry Vacuum Pump 

A vacuum pump that does not use oil or liquid in the vacuum chamber and able to provide a clean vacuum. It can be used for pressures in the range of atmospheric pressure up to ultimate pressure.

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump 

An oil rotary pump can be used in a wide range of pressures from low to high vacuum pressure, and is less expensive, compact and easy to install. This pump is economical, easy to use and can provide a sufficient vacuum even using it as a standalone.

Mechanical Booster Pump 

When used in combination with an oil rotary pump, dry pump or other roughing vacuum pump, this pump can increase the pumping speed at a pressure range in which the pumping speed of the roughing vacuum pump drops.

Turbo Molecular Pump

An turbo moelcular pump has a constant pumping speed in the molecular flow region which enables it to continuously pumping gas. It does not require maintenance work such as pump regeneration and achieves high pumping performance with hydrogen and helium. It also has a low operating cost.

Oil Diffusion Pump

An oil diffusion pump has a relatively simple structure which provides the ease of maintenance and has a good maintainability. It is less expensive and can achieve a high pumping speed at a low cost.

Ion Pump

An ion pump provides an ultra-high / extra-high vacuum with less mechanical vibration and noise. It is completely oil free and offers flexible installation.


A cryopump can pump any kind of gas and has a high pumping capactiy for liquids, in particular. It has no mechanical parts in the vacuum chamber. It is oil free and can provide a clean vacuum with a high pumping speed despite being an absorption vacuum pump.