An turbo moelcular pump has a constant pumping speed in the molecular flow region which enables it to continuously pumping gas. It does not require maintenance work such as pump regeneration and achieves high pumping performance with hydrogen and helium. It also has a low operating cost.

UTM-FW / UTM-FH Series

The UTM-FH and UTM-FW is compound turbo molecular using 5 axis magnetic levitation and digital controlled and realized advantages such as high performance and reliability and energy savings. The UTM-FH series, which has improved compression ratio for hydrogen, is high back pressure and high compression type and for light to middle processes. The UTM-FW series is wide range and high flow type and for high load process and middle~hard processes.

UTM-MI Series

Controller integrated turbo molecular pump with magnetic bearings saves wiring work and installation space.

UTM-B Series

The compound turbo molecular pump with the ceramic ball bearings,and has excellent compression ratio. Compact design by integrated controller design. Excellent high back pressure performance allows to use smaller backing pump.

YTP Series

YTP Series version B is a high vacuum pumping system with a ceramic ball bearing turbo molecular pump.Vacuum pumping from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum is possible. ULVAC prepares two types, SA type which allows the automatic pumping by START / STOP switch and M type which is a manual operation. In addition, the back pump can be selected from rotary pump as a standard specification, or dry scroll pump as the other selection.

Qulee with YTP Series

A variation of Qulee, adding new features in response to customer needs.By adding a differential pumping unit, the Qulee provides measurement and analysis capabilities for process management and residual gas analysis.