DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply DPG SeriesĀ 

The DPG Series power generators for sputtering. They are made of reliable components and circuits. These highly reliable power generators have been optimized for plasma loads with a design that reflects our many years of knowledge that includes power generator applications.

DC Power Supply DCS Series

As the basic performance is a matter of course, DCS series provides superior cost performance and is used in various applications.
Combination use of the arc suppression unit, A2K, is effective well in reactive sputtering.

Abnormal Discharge Prevention Unit A2K Series

In the reactive sputtering processes, the A2K series abnormal discharge prevention unit applies positive voltage pulses to a DC power generator to neutralize the charge on the target. This unit can be easily mounted to existing equipment, and it achieves improvements in yield ratio and throughput at low cost.

Bipolar unit for dual cathode MFU Series

MFU-20K is a unit which converts the DC output into bipolar pulse output, by adding to ULVAC DC power generator (DPG series). It contributes to improved productivity and throughput at low cost.

DC Pulse Power Supply

DC Pulse Power Supply DPG-5P / DPG-10P Series

The DPG-5P/10P are 5kW/10kW pulsed dc power generators for reactive sputtering. This power generator change the minus output voltage in to plus voltage, and discharge the storage electron voltage of target surface.By this, yield and throughput improvement is realized.

RF Power Supply / Matching box

RF Power Supply RFS-N Series / Matching Box

RF power supply for plasma process with 13.56MHz, 0.5kW/1/kW/3kW/5kW output. Compact and lightweight by implementing a high efficiency RF amplifier. RF power supply has a built-in auto matching controller function, power control of the RF power supply and matching system control can be performed with the main unit alone.

RF Power Supply Option MEX-N Series

This is a switching device for the matching box of the power supply for plasma generation such as RF sputtering, plasma CVD, and etching.

RF Power Supply Option EXN Series

EXN series is a target switcher. It is used to switch power supply destinations to multiple DC sputtering electrodes and RF sputtering electrodes. It also can switch the output of multiple DC and RF power supplies and supply them to one electrode.